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Pyramid Plastic Basket
Pyramid Plastic Basket
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Specification of Pyramid Plastic Basket

Basket of Shrimp Pyramid Plastic Crab Fish


Baskets made of newfangled plastic such as pyramids (conical down) are produced in sizes 48.5 x 40 x 16.5 cm and in red, blue, green and yellow. This basket is commonly used as a place to accommodate fish, shrimp, crabs and other fishery products.


U D. S I D O M U M B U L


Jln. Dupak 63 / Pertokoan Mutiara Dupak C-22, (O31) 546-933O / O821-4343-8684, Surabaya.

PIN BBM = 7C5F4B40 / 5B69FFC6

LINE = herry.sutanto

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Business Hours = Monday - Saturday 10:00 - 17:00 WIB, Sunday / Large Holidays is OFF

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