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Lion Star Maxtor Container
Lion Star Maxtor Container
Lion Star Maxtor Container
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02 Mar 2020
24 Unit
IDR 37.250

Specification of

Maxtor Container Jar Square Lion Star Squares

Box made of transparent plastic with a lid made of colored plastic that is equipped with locks on the left and right.

Faceted jars are produced in 2 sizes as follows;
 Number 01 = 36 cm x 20 cm x 11 cm
 Number 02 = 42.5 cm x 22.5 cm x 15 cm

 Maxtor Container
 Maxtor Lion Star
 Square Box
 Faceted jars
 Container Segi
 Maxtor Container Agent
 Agent Lion Star Maxtor
 Lion Star agent
 Container agent
 Jar Agent
 Plastic Box Agent
 Surabaya Container Distributor
 Jar Distributor Surabaya
 Lion Star Distributor
 Lion Star Surabaya Distributor
 Surabaya Container
 Surabaya Plastic Box
 Maxtor Container Surabaya
 Maxtor Lion Star Surabaya
 Sell ​​Maxtor Container
 Sell ​​Maxtor Lion Star

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