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UD. Sido Mumbul

Hotel Flat Plain Ceramic Plate
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IDR 630000.00

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Dishes Ceper Buffet Hotel Plain 10 Inches

Dishes made from plain patterned ceramic, newfangled flat and measuring 10 inches in diameter are commonly used as cutlery in hotels, buffet meals, catering, luxury restaurants and others.

U D.  S I D O M U M B U L

Jln. Dupak 63 / Ruko Mutiara Dupak C-22, (031) 546-9330 / O819-3868-5700, Surabaya.

WA = 0821-4343-8684

LINE = herry.sutanto

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Working Hours = Monday - Saturday 10:00 - 17:00 WIB, Sundays / Public Holiday is OFF

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